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What is a reliable VoIP provider that offers UK and German numbers, inbound + outbound and also has Android and iPhone apps?

Hey I think i Know your Answer :-)

After reading blogs and market reports, I suggest these providers:-

  1. CallHippo Virtual phone numbers providers - They offer most affordable and reliable services. I am also using their services and has both Android and iPhone apps-

Here you can check - CallHippo-Virtual (VoIP/DID) Phone System – Apps on Google Play

‎CallHippo-Virtual Phone System

They offers numbers with advanced communication capabilities like:-

  1. Automatic Call Distribution
  2. IVR System
  3. Custom Messages
  4. Call Recording
  5. Forward to Cellphones
  6. Voice Mail
  7. Working Hours Per User
  8. Contact Management
  9. Shared Contacts
  10. Email Support
  11. Priority Email
  12. Free Calling Credits
  13. Call from Any Number
  14. Ring All Devices
  15. Office/Number Opening Hours
  16. Call Hold
  17. Call Hold With Custom Music
  18. Call Mute
  19. Click to Call
  20. Voicemail in Email
  21. Voicemail Custom Greeting
  22. Custom Integration
  23. Call Notifications
  24. Android App
  25. iOS app
  26. Outbound Caller ID
  27. International Numbers
  28. 3-Digit Editable Extension
  29. Call Conference
  30. Call Barging
  31. Call transfer
  32. On Call Notes
  33. Call Reminder
  34. Analytics
  35. Concurrent Calls
  36. Global Connect
  37. Auto switch
  38. DNI

2. Ringcentral :- is also one of the best leading providers but little bit expensive.

3. Vonage

4. Nextiva

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